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Whether you're staffing a tradeshow booth or meeting with clients one-on-one, every business needs to keep their name in front of prospects long after the first interaction is over. It's well established that marketing giveaways are a great way to do this. Promotional giveaways have the lowest cost-per-impression of any advertising medium except billboards, and can be used effectively by businesses of every size.



Capture Attention

Ever stop by a trade show booth to grab candy from their table, and then walk away without even looking at what the exhibitor is promoting? Ever go to an event hosted by a business, but were given nothing tangible to take with you? These missed opportunities can be turned into powerful ways to attract new customers. Keep your message in front of your clients long after you're gone by giving them a pen, mug, calendar, Frisbee, golf ball -- something that fits your market. What do you give to people you meet to make sure they will remember you?


Stay Top of Mind

Imagine meeting with a new prospect who isn't quite ready for your services...yet. Picture yourself giving them a great looking coffee mug with your contact information on it. It becomes their new favorite mug, and they use it every day at their desk. Depending on the type and value of business you do, you may send a subsequent logo gift, or simply stay in touch by email or with an occasional phone call. Meanwhile, your prospect sees your company's logo every day -- every time they take a sip of coffee. When they are ready to do business, who are they going to call? Some random company from the yellow pages, or the name that is in front of them every day?


Be Unique

Coffee mugs are very popular, but they aren't right for everybody. A pen might work well (they're the number one promotional product year after year for a reason), but don't do the same one somebody else did. You want to stand out from the crowd. Find a promotional product, and create a campaign that's uniquely yours. Combine pieces and add packaging to enhance the perceived value of your gift. With over 800,000 products to choose from, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff at EmbroidMe San Diego to help, you can find a promotional product that's just right for your target market...and your pocketbook.  

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